Formed in October 2019, DUSTCELL is a music duo consisting of vocalist EMA and composer Misumi.
They have been active since forming the duo, and have also been active in their respective careers as a singer and a Vocaloid-P.

On October 11th, "CULT" was posted on YouTube with the announcement of their formation. Since then, they have been frequently posting songs on YouTube.

On May 20th, their first album, SUMMIT, was released, reaching number two on the iTunes album charts.

On July 31st, their first solo live show, SUMMIT, was held at WWW. Although it was a no-audience, pay-per-view event, it was a huge success, trending on Twitter. It became a hit.

On August 5th, the single "DERO" was released.

On September 16th, the single "PAIN" was released.

On November 15th, their second solo live show, HOWL, was held at LIQUIDROOM to celebrate the first anniversary of their debut. The event was held with a physical audience at the venue and paid livestreaming.

On December 23rd, the single "Mad Hatter" was released.

On April 10th, the single “Where life goes (Inochi no yukue)” was released.
*TV commercial jingle for HAL, a vocational college (Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya)

On June 23rd, the single “Confession (Dokuhaku)” was released.

On July 28th, the single "TOUBOU" was released.

On October 20th, their second album, Confession (Jihaku), was released.

On November 11th, their third solo live show, Confession (Jihaku), was held at Zepp Tokyo.

On February 9th, the single "Dokuhaku (IORI KANZAKI Remix)" was released.

From February 13th to 28th, DUSTCELL Exhibition -White Flame- was held at RAND SPACE in Omotesando, Tokyo.

In April, their first Zepp tour, Hyakki Yako, was held at Zepp Nagoya, Zepp Osaka Bayside, and Zepp Haneda in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka. Tickets were sold out at all venues.

On June 1st, the single "Insufficient (Tarinai)" was released.
*The closing theme song for MBS/TBS Drama-ism Ashita watashi wa darekano Kanojo.

On July 20th, the single "Void" was released.

On July 22nd, “Cross no Yukue -DUSTCELL Novel Collection-“ was released.

On August 24th, the single "Drifter (Hyohaku sha)" was released.

On August 31st, their first mini album Hypnotize was released.

On November 17th, their solo live show, PREPARATION, was held at TOKYO DOME CITY HALL.

On January 27th, the single “ANTIHERO” was released.
*Collaboration song for one-shot manga, HAPPY HAPPY ENDORPHIN, by Age Nasuo in PROJECT COMIC, Shonen Jump+.

On March 29th, their second mini album, ROUND TRIP, and a Blu-ray of DUSTCELL LIVE 2022 PREPARATION were released.

In April through May, their second Japan tour, DUSTCELL TOUR 2023 ROUND TRIP, was held.

On May 17th, the single “Caffeine” was released.
*The closing theme song for MBS/TBS Drama-ism Ashita watashi wa darekano Kanojo Season 2.