In 2014, when he was 13 years old, Guiano made his debut as a Vocaloid-P by posting his first song on Nico Nico Douga. Since then, he has constantly been posting original music and been inducted to various hall of fames, and continues to release songs with a million views.

His music stands out in the scene, ranging from EDM, tropical house, city pop, piano ballads, and acoustic music that defies the boundaries of all genres and the country of Japan.

Some have said that his words and voice remind them of Yutaka Ozaki, as they touch the hearts of young people in their adolescence and adults who have grown up but partially remain as a child.

In 2020, he ended his career as Vocaloid-P, and chose to sing in his own voice.

A new-generation troubadour, expected to be active in the Reiwa era;
the songs of northern Japan are pouring into Tokyo.

In November, Guiano's first album, Love & Music, was released as a two-disc set, which could be considered a greatest hits album, summarizing his six years of being a Vocaloid-P.

His career as a Vocaloid-P comes to an end, as he chose to sing with his own voice.

In March, the digital single, “Toukaka feat. RIM," was released.
With the full cooperation of Kitakyushu City in Fukuoka Prefecture, a music video featuring Guiano himself was released for the first time.

In July, he composed the music for a McDonald's TV commercial,
"McDonald's Shake® S¥100 M¥150 zutto suki ver.”

In August, his first 5-song EP using his real voice, Only the memories of that summer (Anonatsuno kioku dake), was released, which was also available for download.
Guiano held his first solo show, Only the Memories of That Summer, at WWW, in the same month.

In January, “Untrue stories (Hora Banashi) with Guiano," a song he wrote for his labelmate RIM, and a cover of his own song were released on the same day.

In March, his second album A, his first album only using his real voice, was released.

In June, his second solo show, A, was held at WWW X.

In March, "Mai feat. RIM" was released.
*The theme song for the NTV Z series Sotsugyoushikini Kamiya Utako ga inai.

In May, “Hana” (Flower) was released.
In August, “Tori” (Bird) was released.
In October, “Kaze” (Wind) was released.
In November, “Tsuki” (Moon) was released.

In April, an EP titled Ka-cho-fu-getsu (Flower-Bird-Wind-Moon) was released.