An 18-year-old who lives somewhere in Japan but is nowhere to be found. A virtual singer at the forefront of the next generation of artists. Since October 2018, KAF has been performing using a 3D-modeled avatar without revealing her true face. She has over 150 million YouTube views and a passionate fan community in and outside Japan.

In April, KAF performed at VTuber Fes Japan 2019, a part of NICO NICO Chokaigi 2019, and her unique presence generated buzz and trended on Twitter.

On May 15th, she released her first EP, Flower and Heart (Hana to Shinzo), a limited digital release. The song “String (Ito)” ranked third in the J-POP charts and ninth on the iTunes Top Songs chart.

She worked on her first theme song, “Before the Night Stops Falling (Yoruga Furiyamumaeni),” for the film Hot Gimmick: Girl Meets Boy, released on June 28th.

In May, a crowdfunding campaign was launched to hold KAF’s first solo live show in the summer. The goal was 5 million yen, but the project ultimately raised 40 million yen, becoming a big topic of conversation at the time. KAF held her solo show at Liquidroom in Ebisu, which was her goal, on August 1st. Tickets for the show sold out immediately, and the entire live performance was livestreamed on YouTube in movie theaters around Japan. The livestreamed event was also shown in karaoke rooms, where many people witnessed this event— the first of its kind in any country. The event was a great success, with the hashtag #花譜不可解 (#KAFFukakai) trending number one worldwide on Twitter.

On September 11th, her long-awaited first album, Observation (Kansoku), was released in two forms (α/β). On December 25th, Observation γ (Kansoku γ), the remixed album of Observation by 13 artists, was released.

On March 23rd, Incomprehensible (AGAIN) (Fukakai (SAI)), an online live show without an audience and a rework of her first solo show Incomprehensible (Fukakai), was held at Zepp DiverCity. It became a trending topic on Twitter, with #花譜不可解再 (#KAFFukakaisai) trending at number one in Japan.

In April, “Answer” was used as the closing theme song for the TV anime series Black Clover. She participated in the super-immersive energy drink ZONe’s IMMERSIVE SONG PROJECT in May and made the collaborative song “Danger Normal (Abu normal).”

In July, KAF and docomo teamed up to hold an online exhibition, HAYABUSA EXPERIENCE by 3.5D x docomo ONLINE EXHIBITION, inspired by the coming 5G era, and released the theme song “Puzzled Telepathy (Tomadoi Telepathy).“ The single also includes remixes by Hiiragi Kirai, Orangestar, and Hanyumaigo.

On July 9th, Netflix’s original anime, Japan Sinks 2020, was released worldwide. KAF’s new song, “Scenery (Keshiki),” was used as the finale’s closing theme song, making waves.

On July 22nd, her second EP, Flower and the answer (Hana to Kaito), was released; all the songs were collaboratively made.

On September 23rd, her single, “Love and Flower (Ai to Hana),” was released in collaboration with Kizuna AI. An impressive lineup of creators, such as Enon Kawatani and ORESAMA, provided the music.

On October 10th, her second solo show, Incomprehensible-2 Q1 (Fukakai-2 Q1), was broadcasted live from a virtual music venue called PANDORA. With over 60,000 tweets, Q1 became a trending topic on Twitter once again. KAF’s second album, Magic (Mahou), was announced to be released on November 25th.

On March 13th, her second solo show, Incomprehensible-2 Q2 (Fukakai-2 Q2), was held for free on YouTube Live. The number of live viewers surpassed 40,000, and on Twitter, #不可解弐Q2 (#Fukakai2Q2) became the number one globally trending topic, with over 100,000 tweets.

On May 19th, her single “For example (Tatoeba)” was released digitally. It was used as the insert song for the anime Eiga Daisuki Pompo-san, which was released in theaters on June 4th.

On June 11th and 12th, the culmination of her second solo show, Incomprehensible-2 REBUILDING (Fukakai-2 REBUILDING), was held at Toyosu PIT.

On October 18th, the third anniversary of her career, a special website was launched and the start of ten major projects was announced. Suite (Kumikyoku), a collaboration project with real artists and composers, was launched as the first of the ten major projects.

In March, KAF’s special live show commemorating her high school graduation, We can become adults with just one sigh (Bokura Tameiki Hitotsude Otonaninarerunda), was held.

In April, her first radio program, Pampaka Kafi(R) - Jokyo version- started airing on InterFM.

On August 24th, she had her third solo show, Incomprehensible-3 (MAD) (Fukakai-3 (KYO)), at Nippon Budokan.

In October, her first TV program, Virtual Singer KAF no Maware! MAD TV started on TOKYO MX.