Musical Isotope Project

Musical Isotope Project

The Musical Isotope Project is an artificial singing software based on the singing voices of KAMITSUBAKI STUDIO’s virtual singers.

This project was born to “expand the possibilities of girls who love to sing,” which is the objective of KAMITSUBAKI STUDIO’s virtual singers. It has developed as a singing software that can realistically reproduce human singing voices using the latest AI technology and as a creative partner that helps people “expand their creative possibilities.”

The future of Musical Isotope derived from these girls will exist forever with your possibilities.

We believe your creations, User Generated Content (UGC), will enrich this world.

We hope that creators will choose Musical Isotope as a spark for their creations and work diligently to create their works.

To create an environment where more creators and creatives are born and nurtured; this is the earnest wish of KAMITSUBAKI STUDIO.