• Observers(Kansokusha)

    A common name for people who "observed" the existence of the virtual singer KAF. It is also used as a term for KAF's fans. The following became the official names for fans of KAF, RIM, Harusaruhi, and Isekaijoucho after Flowers and camellia and you. (Hanatachi to Tsubaki to Kimi) was aired on May 29th, 2020:

    ・KAF: Observer Hana-gumi
    ・RIM: Observer Me-gumi
    ・Harusaruhi: Observer Haru-gumi
    ・Isekaijoucho: Observer I-gumi

    In addition, KOKO's fans are now called "Observer: Sachi-gumi."
  • KAF Art Club(KAF Bijutsubu)

    The hashtag for posting fan art of the virtual singer KAF. It is written as #花譜美術部 (#KAFArtClub). The following official hashtags are used as fan art hashtags for the virtual singers in Flowers and camellia and you. (Hanatachi to Tsubaki to Kimi), which aired on May 29th, 2020:

    #理芽美術部 (#RIMArtClub)
    #春猿火美術部 (#HarusaruhiArtClub)
    #ヰ世界情緒美術部 (#IsekaijouchoArtClub)

    The fan art hashtag for KOKO is #幸祜美術部 (#KOKOArtClub).
  • Incomprehensible(Fukakai)

    KAF’s 1st solo live show was held at Liquidroom on August 1st, 2019. On March 23th, 2020, Incomprehensible (AGAIN) (Fukakai (SAI)) was held at Zepp DiverCity in Tokyo without an audience.

    On October 10th, 2020, her second solo show, Incomprehensible-2 Q1 (Fukakai-2 Q1), was held virtually, and on March 14th, 2021, Incomprehensible-2 Q2 (Fukakai-2 Q2) was held.

    On June 11-12, 2020, a two-day show, Incomprehensible-2 REBUILDING (Fukakai-2 REBUILDING), was held at Toyosu PIT.

    On August 24th, 2022, Incomprehensible-3 (MAD) (Fukakai-3 (KYO)) was held at Nippon Budokan.
  • Flowers and camellia and you(Hanatachi to Tsubaki to Kimi)

    A special program with an irregular schedule on KAMITSUBAKI STUDIO's YouTube channel.
  • Unidentified Girl Observation Club(Mikakunin Shojo Kansokubu)

    The official fan club of KAF. It was launched on pixivFANBOX in October 2019 and regularly released exclusive content and "an observer's memoir" every month.

    At the end of March 2022, the fan club on pixivFANBOX shut down, and renewed as a second channel on YouTube and a membership club.

    The second channels and membership clubs of RIM, Harusaruhi, Isekaijoucho, and KOKO are as follows:

    ・Harusaruhi: Typhoon Club
    ・Isekaijoucho: Isekai Electronics Telecommunications Department (Isekai Denshi Tsushinbu)
    ・KOKO: Department of Happiness Extension Cyber Brain Division (Koufuku Kakuchoubu Dennouka)
  • Musical Isotope(Ongakuteki Douitai)

    A voice synthesis software based on the singing voices of virtual artists, including KAF. It was created in collaboration with CeVIO AI. It is a “musical isotope” of virtual artists, not the artists themselves. Musical Isotope KAFU was released on July 7th, 2021. It was followed by the release of Musical Isotope SEKAI in April 2022 and Musical Isotope RIME in October 2022. Musical Isotope COKO is scheduled to be out in January 2023, and Musical Isotope HARU in the spring of 2023.
  • V.W.P – Virtual Witch Phenomenon –

    KAF, RIM, Harusaruhi, Isekaijoucho, and KOKO. Five "witches with cyber brains" came together to form a new virtual artist group. The group formed at Incomprehensible-2 Q2 (Fukakai-2 Q2) held on March 14th, 2021. They have been releasing new songs, among other activities, with enthusiasm.
  • Pandora

    A virtual music venue built in a virtual world. On October 10th, 2020, KAF's second solo show, Incomprehensible-2 Q1 (Fukakai-2 Q1), was held there. Further, on March 14th, 2021, Incomprehensible-2 Q2 (Fukakai-2 Q2) was held.

    KAF’s live show, in which she covered songs, held on June 14th, 2020, and distributed for free on YouTube. In August 2020, a set of three cover albums, I SCREAM LIVE, was released. In December 2020, RIM performed CHOCOLATE LIVE, Harusaruhi performed CREAM PUFF LIVE, and Isekaijoucho performed CANDY LIVE. In May 2021, KOKO performed ARARE LIVE. As such, they continue performing live cover shows.
  • Suite(Kumikyoku)

    A collaborative project by virtual singer KAF with several artists. Launched in October 2021 to commemorate the third anniversary of KAF's career.