• Sinsekai City

    A city somewhere in the virtual world.
  • Harusaruhi Jiyu Ritsu

    A series of short raps that Harusaruhi has been dropping on Twitter from time to time.
  • Isekai Souseiki

    An original project that Isekaijoucho works on from time to time; an illustrated diary of the beginning of Isekaijoucho, told from a particular world.
  • Kamitsubaki Muden Preparatory Office

    A special program with an irregular schedule on KAMITSUBAKI STUDIO's YouTube channel.
    The channel livestreams music and music videos by the artists.

    A virtual studio that shares the same management as KAMITSUBAKI STUDIO.
    The studio will produce te'resa and other virtual artists.

    The general producer of KAMITSUBAKI STUDIO and SINSEKAI STUDIO.
    In addition to producing KAF, RIM, V.W.P, VALIS, CIEL, te'resa, IORI KANZAKI, Musical Isotope, and Kamitsubaki City Under Construction, he supervises Harusaruhi, Isekaijoucho, KOKO, and other artists.

    A staff of KAMITSUBAKI STUDIO. Managed and produced KOKO in the past.
  • L

    Mysterious boy who appeared in Kamitsubaki City Under Construction EMERGENCE.