• Musical Isotope(Ongakuteki Douitai)

    A synthesized singing software created through collaboration with CeVIO AI, using the voices of virtual artists.

    Musical Isotope KAFU was released on July 7th, 2021. Followed by Musical Isotope SEKAI in April 2022, Musical Isotope RIME in October 2022, and Musical Isotope COKO in January 2023. The release of the fifth Musical Isotope HARU is already in the works.

    A story prototyping company established by PIEDPIPER in 2023 to develop new IP for the Web3 era through collaboration with KAMITSUBAKI STUDIO.

    Web3 project launched by FUKAIKA and KAMITSUBAKI STUDIO in 2023.
    The statement of the project is “to challenge the unknown Web3 Entertainment" by combining the "Web3 Experience" with a wide range of activities which KAMITSUBAKI has accumulated up to now.

    The latest co-created project of KAMITSUBAKI STUDIO released on September 16th, 2022.
  • KAMITSUBAKI Resident Genesis

    Generative NFT art created by FUKAIKA and KAMITSUBAKI STUDIO to deepen one's identity as a resident of KAMITSUBAKI City.

    Each artwork will have a unique visual and value, and will be valid as proof of one's individual identity and residency in Kamitsubaki City.

    The first Mint (issue) began on March 25th, 2023, and 4,000 pieces of NFT arts were sold out.
  • Unidentified Girl Observation Club(Mikakunin Shojo Kansokubu)

    The official fan club of KAF.
    It was launched on pixivFANBOX in October 2019 and regularly released exclusive content and "an observer's memoir" every month.

    At the end of March 2022, the fan club on pixivFANBOX shut down, and was renewed as sub-channel on YouTube and a membership club.

    Name of RIM's YouTube sub-channel and membership.

    Name of Harusaruhi's YouTube sub-channel and membership.
  • Isekaijoucho’s Electronic Communications Division (Isekaijoucho Denshi Tsushinbu)

    Name of Isekaijoucho's YouTube sub-channel and membership.
  • KOKO’s School of Expansion, Department of Digital Brains (Koko Kakuchobu Dennouka)

    Name of KOKO's YouTube sub-channel and membership.