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PALOW.(Business Partnership)

An illustrator and character designer from Fukuoka. He began working as PALOW. in 2011, and his Mushi Mecha Shoujo series released in 2013 gained much attention. In 2016, he was featured in a TV commercial for HAL. He is in charge of character design for KAF and RIM. He creates his own unique world by using complex geometric motifs.

Representative works:
・HAL: character design for TV commercial in 2016
・Soutai Sekai: character design, prop design, and sharing expertise for the anime's setting
・League of Legends: animation character and promotional video design in 2019
・Sanketsu Shoujo Sayuri: cover artwork, character design for promotional video, and costume design
・Yogensha Ikusei Gakuen FTA: design for all raid bosses